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Lamda Sportswear - More than just sports clothing

Fitness, Positivity, and Family-like approach

Lamda sportswear has been in the market for nearly three years. The small business started with a fitness-loving lady and a vision. A lady who believed that the Cyprus market, at the time, did not offer cost-effective sportswear that provided quality and colour, clothing that would "highlight all female bodies in a right way". And just like that the first collection of Lamda was released.

"Back in 2019, there weren't a lot of brands that would offer high-waisted designs. There wasn't much clothing capable of embracing not just model-like bodies, but also the bodies of ordinary women who simply like to go to the gym and lead an active lifestyle" - highlights the founder.

 Until now, high-waisted and colourful designs empower women from all backgrounds and various sizes to be confident and look good while pulling those weights. Hence, over time, Lamda became not only a tool of empowerment but also a symbol of a healthy and positive lifestyle. 

High-waisted designs, rich colours, and effective materials remain the core of Lamda. However, as Lamda evolved it has also become part of a lifestyle that the brand continues to promote. There is a strong feeling to this clothing that can't be compared with other high street brands. Due to this feeling, the brand has attracted a variety of fitness influencers that represent Lamda today. This way Lamda grew from the idea of one lady to #LamdaFamily. A family that embraces fitness, positivity, and diversity. 

"Instagram is the heart of Lamda sportswear, it is our hub of the brand. Almost like a place where all #LamdaFamily members hang out. And since the beginning of our Instagram, we have been posting positive captions. The idea behind the social media captions was always to bring value to the people and followers. Those captions included phrases like a girl boss, get up and shine, trust the timing, and you do you. Imagine waking in the morning, not in the best mood, and then seeing a positive post like "get up and shine''. This is uplifting, and that's what Lamda is all about" - Founder adds about the core values of the brand. 

And of course, the most important question: "Where is the brand heading now?" Lamda's goal is still to provide value inside and outside Lamda's family. As Lamda has matured and grown as a brand, the principles became even stronger. The brand aims to continue embracing diversity, love for fitness, self-care, and a positive attitude. 

Buy your next sportswear set at Lamda's online store, and become part of our family!

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